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Tiling Products

  • Waterproofing
  • Tile adhesives: CTA tile adhesive is an excellent Australia manufacture which we stock as well.
  • Sand
  • Angles
  • Cement
  • Floor leveller: Floor levelling compounds. Ardex LQ92 is a proven cement-based floor leveller.
  • Welded mesh
  • Wide range of tools, like screeds and trowel
  • Wire nets

Total Building Supplies has one of the cheapest prices of both Mapei and Ardex products in Sydney. Both Mapei and Ardex are considered to be the best tile adhesive producers in Australia, if not the world.

Tiling Supplies

When you need tiling supplies, you want products that are going to provide you with both longevity and reliability. Plenty of residential and commercial facilities use tile floors and this means they need quality tiling supplies as well.
In addition to tools like screeds and trowels, we have a wide range of popular materials to meet your needs. From brand-name adhesives to help make sure your floor stays safe and secure, to waterproofing supplies that guard your tiles against damage, Total Building Supplies has everything you need. With the right materials, you can enjoy a quality tile job!

Why Having Proper Tiling Supplies Matters

If you’re considering different types of flooring for your building, tiling is a great option. This material is easy to clean and also has plenty of aesthetic appeal. Even if you have a type of tile picked out that you like, you need to make sure you have the right supplies to install it properly.

Though there are plenty of places to get tiling supplies, not all supplies you’ll find are of a high level quality. Getting sub-par supplies can leave you dealing with problems in the future and can sometimes cause your tile floor to need replacing sooner than it should. Total Building Supplies carries brand-name tiling adhesives and materials that are considered to be some of the best in the industry.

High-End Materials Like CTA, Mapei, RLA and Ardex

When it comes to tiling supplies, there are a few brand names which have become well-known within the industry. Tilers depend on these to do quality work, and customers look for these types of products to make sure their tile floors are installed properly and built to last. Popular brands offered by Total Building Supplies include:

  • CTA: CTA is considered to be one of the most reliable types of building materials used today. These strong, high-performance materials provide tile floors with the stability needed to keep them together and make sure every tile stays in its proper position.
  • Mapei: Mapei makes a number of quality adhesive sealants that are widely used throughout the entire building industry. The use of Mapei in Australia is due to the brand’s solid history of producing reliable supplies.

Other tiling supplies that we offer include things like floor levelling compounds, angles, waterproofing, and more. We even offer tools like screeds and trowels to help provide you with everything you need for a quality tile job.

Get the Right Tiling Supplies Today!

Tile floors fit well in a variety of rooms and buildings. But while two rooms with tile floors may be very different the formula for a quality floor is always the same – quality equipment helps provide quality results. To find out more, contact us today by filling our quick inquiry form or call 02 9707 2822.