We stock premium top soil and garden mix for all your building and landscaping needs. All our sand is delivered direct to you in 20kg bags or bulka bags. For any further information or advice contact us at 9707 2822.

Garden Mix

Premium organic garden mix sourced from ANL. Excellent for growing vegetables, fruits and other plants. We can deliver loose bulk, bulka bags or 20kg bags. For domestic and commercial use. Garden mix is a soil base mixture, which is highly nutritious for your plants and flowers.

Top Soil

Premium top soil sourced from ANL. Excellent for turf underlay and top dressing of lawns and can be used when laying new lawn or for revitalising existing lawn. We can deliver loose bulk, bulka bags or 20kg bags. For domestic and commercial use.

Upgrade Your Outdoors

At Total Building Supplies, we carry the most sought-after soil and sand supplies in Sydney. You can use our products to give your outdoors a much-needed makeover, or create the stunning garden that you’ve always dreamed about. 

Our garden mix creates a nutritious foundation for your flowers and plants. Our top soil is a fine, soft, black soil. It is suitable for just about any garden improvement project that you may have on your mind. Choose the products that your outdoor areas require to flourish and thrive.

Keep in mind that we also sell sands for pavers, renders, tilers and bricklayers. We can deliver a quantity ranging from 1/4 tonne to 33 tonnes to support your construction project. For additional information on our product inventory and delivery policy, contact our customer service department today and get all the details you need to make the most of a stellar shopping experience.