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At Total Building Supplies we stock and deliver 20kg bags, bulk bags and loose. Our yard stocks and delivers 1/4 tonne to 33 tonne loads of all the sand needed for any wet trade on your construction project. We stock white brickie, yellow brickie, Nepean Course and Sydney sand. Check out all out top quality sand here or shop and order online here.

White Brick Sand

$65/t incl GST. As the name suggests, it is used for bricklaying. When used with either off-white or pure white cement provides a white mortar joint. It is sourced from Dixon quarries, which is highly regarded by Sydney bricklayers. Buy online here.

Yellow Brick Sand

$55/t Incl GST. This is used by bricklayers. It provides a yellow colour alternative to the white bush. It is cheaper than white bush, so builders and bricklayers use it in common brick construction where the mortar joint will be hidden or the wall rendered. Yellow bush is mostly used with grey builders cement but it can be used with off-white cement to provide a distinctive coloured mortar joint which goes well with certain special face bricks. Buy online here.

Newcastle / Sydney Sand

$60/t incl GST. Traditionally known as beach sand because it comes from coastal quarries in Newcastle and Sydney. It is fine and dry and is used by tilers and renderers. It has no clay content, and with its very small, fine, granular sizes it is runny and porous. Tilers use it with cement to create the tile screeds and renderers use it with cement and the addition of either lime or clay to create the renderers mud. Buy online here

Nepean Course Sand

It has thicker granular sizes of up to 5mm. The larger granular size makes it mixture grade conducive to compaction and therefore makes an ideal base for pavers. It’s course nature also makes it highly suited for the manufacture of concrete. Buy online here.

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