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Aggregate Supplies

We stock and can deliver from a quarter tonne to 33 tonne loads of both natural and recycled aggregates. Our range of aggregate sizes is from 7mm up to 70mm. We stock aggregates from natural quarries (blue metal) and the recycled alternatives.

The natural variations normally referred to as Blue Metal, from their distinctive blue and basalt colour, are found at a number of quarries surrounding Sydney. Natural quarried products have become quite expensive as a result of low local supply. This is due to years of extraction compounded with the extensive use in ready-mix concrete and the cost of haulage into Sydney. 

  • Blue Metal 10mm $100/t incl GST
  • Recycled 10mm & 20mm Aggregate $60/t incl GST
  • Recycled 40/70mm Aggregate $70/t incl GST
Blue Metal


This size is available in both natural quarried and recycled sources. The recycled sources are about 20-30% cheaper. The smaller sized aggregates are ideal for use in ready-mix concrete. The large sizes used in a wide range of drainage application due to the excellent water permeability.


These mostly come from recycled sources and are ideal for use as temporary road base for entrance onto construction sites. Most councils impose a condition in Development Approval for the use of this material as entrance into construction site. This helps reduce mud being taken on the roads by construction vehicles.


These are a graded material. This means it uses a mixture of different sized aggregates at an ideal ratio to create a material that provides a high compaction outcome. Usually the largest aggregates in road base are 20mm. Again, this product is available in both recycled and natural alternatives.

Aggregate Concrete, Aggregate Supply and Delivery

Over the last 10 to 15 years, the availability of recycled aggregates has become wide spread throughout Sydney. Apart from cost savings, the recycled version also provides excellent environmental benefits. The first step is crushing demolished concrete waste that would otherwise be taken to landfill. Then, they create products that are in high demand. This process of recycling has eliminated additional landfill waste and the need to deplete our natural reserves. Further, transport costs to haul the material from outside Sydney is eliminated. This is because a lot of recycling plants are located inside Sydney.

These recycling plants accept waste concrete. They sort them by size and weight and use large powerful machinery to crush the concrete. The crushed material is then run through a sifting process to capture and sort the rubble into different sizes. Common sizes from the recycling plants are the concrete sands (fine material), 10mm, 20mm, and 40/70 aggregates and the graded road base material.

The use of recycled aggregates provides excellent environmental benefits. As a result, many Government or public projects specify the use of recycled products


Aggregates are the key ingredients used to produce concrete, along with Portland cement and water. Aggregates are commonly known as inert granular materials and may actually refer to sand, crushed stone, or gravel.

To achieve a good mix, aggregates should be hard, clean, durable particles. They should be free of other coatings, chemicals, and fine materials that could deteriorate the concrete. Natural sand and gravel are usually sourced from seabeds, lakes, rivers, or pits. Crushed aggregates are obtained by crushing large gravel, cobbles, boulders, or quarry rock. Once harvested, the aggregate is crushed, analysed, and washed to achieve an ideal gradation and level of cleanliness. Then it is stored properly to reduce degradation and avoid contamination.


When buying aggregate and gravel supplies, contractor’s judge these products based on several key characteristics. These include abrasion and skid resistance, grading, durability, surface texture, and particle shape.

We stock and sell popular types of aggregate supply that could take your construction or home improvement project to the next level – even on a tight budget. Our aggregates are available in sizes ranging from 7mm – 70mm. We provide both naturally sourced aggregates and recycled options. As a result, you have plenty of freedom of choice when it comes to making a buying decision.

Natural variations: blue metal supply, for instance, known for their specific blue colour, are sourced from Sydney-based quarries. They can be quite pricy. This is due to the reduced local supply linked to years of continuous extraction and the widespread utilisation of ready-mix concrete. Although blue metal is expensive, it is still used by plumbers to place around sewerage pipes. This is due to Sydney Water regulations not allowing the use of recycled aggregates in this situation.

Manufactured using demolished concrete waste, recycled alternatives are more affordable and environmentally-friendly. These products have become increasingly popular in Sydney over the last 10-15 years. This is mostly due to their eco-conscious manufacturing process and reasonable pricing.


At Total Building Supplies, we provide aggregates from both natural and recycled sources in different sizes (7mm, 10mm, 20mm, and 40mm). Smaller sized products make excellent ingredients for ready-mix concrete. On the other hand, aggregates available in larger sizes are the perfect choice for various drainage applications, considering their superior water permeability.

40/70mm aggregates coming from recycled sources are an optimal match for the manufacturing process of temporary road bases required at the entrance of construction sites. Placed in these key areas, this material may help drivers reduce the amount of mud that is brought back on the road.

No matter how you’re planning on using aggregates, aggregate concrete and gravel to get your job done, we offer you the high-quality supplies that you need to turn your construction project into a success story. Order your building essentials and aggregate supply today to benefit from special prices, and the best customer service in Sydney.

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