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As a Sydney sand supplier we stock a huge range of sand for all your building needs. We offer same day delivery or delivery at a prearranged date in the future. Whether its 20kg sand bags, 1 tonne bulk bags or loose, we’ve got it all!

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White Brickie/Brick/Bush Sand

White brick sand is used for bricklaying. When used with either off-white or pure white cement, it creates a white mortar joint. You can buy your sand online here.

Yellow Brick/Brickie/Bush Sand

Yellow bush sand is used for bricklaying. This sand provides a yellow colour alternative to the white bush. It is cheaper than white bush sand, so builders and bricklayers use this sand in common brick construction where the mortar joint will be hidden or the wall rendered. Yellow bush is mostly used with grey builders cement however it can be used with off-white cement. This will provide a distinctive coloured mortar joint which goes well with certain special face bricks. You can buy your sand online here.

Newcastle / Sydney Sand

This sand is traditionally known as beach sand because it comes from coastal quarries in Newcastle and Sydney. It is a fine and dry sand used by tilers and renderers. The main difference between the brickie bush sand and the beach sand is the clay content. Brickie sand is fortified with clay giving its sticky, “fatty” quality. Beach sand has no clay content, and with its very small, fine, granular sizes it is a runny, porous sand. Tilers use it with cement to create the tile screeds. Renderers use it with cement and the addition of either lime or clay to create the renderers mud. This sand is also great for children’s sand boxes! You can buy your sand online here.

Nepean Course Sand

Nepean course sand is a runny sand with thicker granular sizes of up to 5mm. The larger granular size makes the sand mixture grade conducive to compaction. Therefore, this makes an ideal sand base for pavers. It’s course nature also makes it highly suited for the manufacture of concrete. You can buy your sand online here.

Total Building Supplies is a Sydney sand yard. We stock and deliver all your sand and sand supplies! From bagged sand to bulk and loose, we’ve got you covered.


  • Every construction or home improvement project requires top notch tools and materials to get the best results. At Total Building Supplies, we have what it takes to anticipate all your needs and demands in terms of premium sand and soil supplies. We offer the finest products in your price range to help you complete your work on time and on budget.

About our sand…

There are many uses for sand on a construction site. Sand may be used for grouting, rendering, bricklaying and tiling. It can fill the areas surrounding electrical conduit piping. It can also be the perfect choice when it comes to creating a sandpit for your children. Given that this versatile product serves so many purposes, you need to find the right type and grain for you specific project. We can simplify your selection, by helping you choose from a great variety of appealing options.

Our white brick sand extracted from Dixon quarries is seen as a top choice by Sydney bricklayers. Bricklayers also love our yellow brick sand, which is seen as a somewhat cheaper alternative to white brick sand, and can be paired with both off-white cement and grey builders cement. Newcastle sand is a quality fine washed sand commonly used by tilers and renderers – we highly recommend it for tiling, grouting and rendering. You can use this sand as play sand for sandpits. Nepean sand is great for pavers and concrete.