All about soil: Garden and Lawn

Here at Total Building Supplies, we carry top quality garden soil and top soil. We sell all our soil in small bags (20kg bags), bulk bags (1 tonne) or loose. You can pick up your soil in store, or we can deliver to you anywhere in Sydney. Order online, in store or over the phone at (02) 9707 2822.

Garden Soil

Garden mix is a staple for your gardens health. You can use garden soil for your vegetables, fruits, plants and succulents, both indoor and outdoor. We source our organic garden mix from ANL. It features spent coffee grounds which is extremely beneficial for your gardens health. Coffee grounds are great fertilisers, offering benefits such as improved drainage and water retention. The course sand found within this garden mix further aids the draining process, ensuring your plants remain healthy. 

How much soil do you need?

For a raised garden bed, you would need to measure the length, width and depth of the area. Then simply multiply these measurements together. If you plan on using the garden mix for long-term plants, you should add an extra 10% to account for shrinkage over time. 

For example, if the depth is 0.5m, the length is 1.5m and the width is 1m, you would calculate 0.5×1.5×1=0.75m3. We sell soil from 0.5m3 to 30m3.

For an in-ground garden bed, you would measure by eye the amount of soil you may need. You can use existing soil for the most part, however you may need some extra soil to replace lost soil or if your dirt is not effective at growing your garden, you may need to replace the dirt completely.

Top Soil

Top soil acts as a medium to cover garden soil in order to prevent soil decay and erosion while assisting with moisture retention. Our top soil, sourced from ANL is a combination of soil, sand and Nitrohumus. It is an organic turf top dressing aimed at providing essential moisture to your grass areas, preventing unwanted substances from penetrating your soil, such as grease. Nitro Top is excellent for turf underlay and top dressing of lawns and can be used when laying new lawn or for revitalising existing lawn. 

What soil should you use for your lawn?

Top soil or top dressing are the best options for your lawn since they are made to help your lawn thrive. Our top soil, Nitro Top, from ANL, can be used under turf as turf underlay or on top of your lawn as top dressing. 

What Soil should you use for your vegetables, plants, flowers etc?

For gardens, garden mix is the best option. We stock organic garden mix from ANL, which is a great option for a healthy and happy garden. 


At Total Building Supplies, we carry the most sought-after soil and sand supplies in Sydney. You can use our products to give your outdoors a much-needed makeover, or create the stunning garden that you’ve always dreamed about. 

Our garden mix creates a nutritious foundation for your flowers and plants. Our top soil is a fine, soft, black soil. It is suitable for just about any garden improvement project that you may have on your mind. Choose the products that your outdoor areas require to flourish and thrive.

Keep in mind that we also sell sands for pavers, renders, tilers and bricklayers. We can deliver a quantity ranging from 1/4 tonne to 33 tonnes to support your construction project. For additional information on our product inventory and delivery policy, contact our customer service department today and get all the details you need to make the most of a stellar shopping experience.

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