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Landscaping Supplies

Due to the large range of bulk landscape material available I to the industry, Total Building Supplies has created a network of business connection that allows us to source and provide a wide range of landscaping material. These include the following:

Decorative Pebbles

  • River Pebbles

  • Cowra Gold

  • Cowra White

  • Collector Quarts

  • Granite Brown

  • Granite Gold

  • Pearl Quartz

  • Opal Blue 10/20mm

  • Scoria 14 and 20mm

WESTERN WHITE PEBBLES 30-40mm $235 / ton including GST

NEPEAN RIVER PEBBLES 30 – 40mm $130 including GST.


page1-img4On request, we provide and deliver over 8 different types of turf at any amount. We source our turf directly from the farmer. Most turf is cut and delivered into Sydney either Thursday or Friday, so it is a good idea to make orders for large amounts (more than 50m2) early in the week. Smaller amount may be available throughout the week.

  • Buffalo Range – We have available three different types of Buffalo turf. This turf is the most popular range used in Sydney, due to its soft and thick leaf, excellent shade and wearability qualities and low water dependence.

  • Kikuyu- Popular in general lawn applications. It has a board leaf and vigorous growth rates. Requires full sun and will not handle shaded area well. Because of it high growth rate, expect to mow the lawn once a week during the hot periods.

  • Couch- Crisp fine green leaf, with excellent visual traits, this breed comes in four different variants. General the bread has excellent heat tolerance and require low water.

Bark and Mulch

There are a wide range of direct colour and sizes. Since it requires large area to house each of the types, we have arranged procurement channels directly with the manufacturers. This allows us to have available a vast range of these products.

  • Pine Bark

  • Pine Chip

  • Red Woodchip

  • Woodchip

  • Cypress Mulch

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Main Uses and Benefits of Our Landscaping Supplies

Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life with Turf

Turf is one of the most popular landscape supplies, providing numerous aesthetic, functional, and environmental benefits, on the condition that you choose the right variety, according to water availability, sun exposure, and maintenance considerations.

We have chosen some of the best-looking and most resistant turf varieties for you. They withstand drought and heat really well, and the only maintenance they require is regular mowing. They can be safely installed in front or back yards, in commercial and recreational areas, withstanding even heavy traffic.

Other benefits of using turf for your landscaping needs include:

  • Water runoff reduction – The average golf course can absorb 4 million gallons of rainwater, preventing runoffs during heavy rains.
  • Reduction of soil erosion as a result of run-off water – Soil planted with turf erodes 600 times slower.
  • Reduction of air pollutants – Turf traps pollen and dust, reducing the risk for allergies and keeping surrounding surfaces cleaner.
  • Reduction of soil and water pollution – It creates a favourable environment for soil microorganisms responsible for breaking down pollutants like rainwater contaminants, pollen, and pesticides.
  • Temperature control – Turfgrass lowers temperatures in the summer, reducing the need for cooling and allowing you to save money on your energy bills.

Protect Your Flowerbeds and Alleys with Bark Mulch

Not many landscaping supplies match the practical and aesthetical functions of bark mulch. Available in several textures and colours, according to the type of bark and the size it is cut at, it can make a great solution for covering any bare soil areas.

Applied on and around flowerbeds, it conserves moisture, improves soil fertility, reduces weed growth, and emphasizes the beauty of flowers and other decorative plants. Used on alleys, under trees, and around benches, it creates a natural, soft, and comfortable carpet to step on.

Since it is organic, you will never have to worry about any of its compounds harming the soil, the plants, and trees in your garden, your kids, or your pets. It takes a long time to decompose, making a viable long-term solution. When it does decompose, the substances in it are absorbed into the soil, nourishing it and creating a favourable environment for plants, trees and bushes.

Add Style and Strength to Your Garden with Decorative Pebbles

Pebbles are often considered the spice and pepper of landscaping supplies, due to the way they bring the landscape to life. They are also affordable, long lasting, and low maintenance. Being available in various sizes, shapes and colour combinations, they can be used for several purposes.

Quarry-sourced pebbles are sharper, and make a great choice for driveways and parking bays, as they lock together well under the weight of vehicles. River pebbles are rounder, cleaner, and more suitable for walkway areas, surrounding flowerbeds, or creating small garden islands.

Whatever plans you may have for your yard, garden, public, or commercial space, we can help you turn them into reality. We have years of sourcing landscaping supplies to Sydney home and business owners, a variety of materials for you to choose from, and friendly staff, waiting to provide all the answers and solutions you need. Send in your inquiry now!