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Renderers Supplies

Cement Renders will find that not only is Total Building Supplies a Sydney sand supplier and cement supplier, we also stock a wide range of renders hardware and tools. Some of the main items include:

DecoMix Acrylic Render 20Kg $13.50 Incl Gst
MAC Render 20Kg $13.50 Incl GST

Renderer Products

  • Render angles

  • Metal Angles from Rondo – RO2, ERO2, P55, EP32

  • Stainless Steel Angles

  • Plastic angles

  • PVC angles from Australia and China

  • Plasterboard angles

  • Render mesh

  • Render acrylic mixes from MACRender, Novatech, and Render1

  • Cemcrete and Cemstick in 1, 2, 4, 5, and 20 litres

  • Cement, General Purpose cement

  • Clay, both builders and renders

  • Lime

  • Fondu

  • RenderOne acrylic mix. Single component premix, just add water. Can render on any surfaces from timber to glass.

  • Welded mesh

  • Wire net

  • Wide range of tools, like screeds and trowels

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Cement Renders

When you need to get a unique look on the home, Total Building Supplies can give you the best cement renders for the job. If you want to alter the way your brick home looks or you want to create a lasting impact in your neighbourhood, the renders that we offer will help you achieve those goals and more. Speak to one of our helpful staff today about cement renders that fit your needs and your budget.

Choosing the Type of Cement Renders Supplies

If you want to achieve a particular look, you need to select the correct render for the job. If you’re aiming for a modern approach that you plan on painting afterwards, the render should be formulated to give that desired appeal. Smooth and clean looks to coarse and textured feels, the cement renders that we supply meet those needs.

Why Choose Cement Renders on the Home?

Total Building Supplies has worked with builders and home renovators for hundreds of projects, so we’ve gotten many requests for how and why to use cement renders. The main reason people gravitate towards renders is to create a unique look to the home. Rendering homes are popular in every corner of the globe for their appeal and personal style.

The second reason is to create an added layer of fireproof and waterproofing to the home. Wooden panels and weatherboards can be susceptible to fires, but a rendering cement wall will protect the home from embers and sparks. This can prove especially useful with the new fire ratings many homes are required to abide. Cement renders allow the home to be protected, even in the most bushfire-prone areas.

Cement renders also help prolong the life of the home. Finer blends of renders can be formulated to handle the hot and dry conditions of the Australian summer along with the extreme shift to cooler, wetter winter. It can be harsh on the home for all the stress it puts on the exterior. A rendered exterior wall helps negate some of the weather factors and prolongs the life of the outside and inside of the home.

What Factors Make a Good Cement Render in Sydney?

So, when deciding what renders will suit the home best, what are the properties that a good render should meet? First, they should be easily applied. Application makes all the difference in the appeal and the final look. Get a cement render that won’t crack after it has dried and it will be more durable in the long run. If the desired look is a textured approach, a coarser render will help the homeowner here.

If you need help selecting from among our cement renders, contact our staff who can advise you on the best approach. Contact us today for a better home tomorrow.